Welcome To Compuplot

Compuplot has been in Information Systems for over twenty years and is a leading provider of spatially enabled systems and information in Southern Africa.

Our mission and primary focus is to provide quality, integrated, customized systems that fully address business requirements, thus enabling client organizations to focus on their core business.

By using the appropriate technology, value-added services and customized products, Compuplot has provided systems and services to local government, land resource managers, civil engineers, land surveyors, municipalities and the GIS community.


Compuplot is a supplier of customised turnkey information systems, geographical information and land information systems and services and has developed a number of applications that have been widely accepted by Surveyors, Engineers, Planners and users in Municipal and Local Government.

    Project Services:

  • Land Audits/Property Registers;
  • Land Use Management Systems;
  • Cadastral Information Systems;
  • Valuation Support;
  • Data capture and conversion;
  • Integration with billing, asset registers etc;
  • Implementation of mSCOA compliant components, see Products

    Geographical Information Systems:

  • Consulting;
  • Software;
  • GIS Implementations;
  • Data collection.
  • Database Systems including:

  • Spatial enabling of databases;
  • Database cleansing;
  • Database design;
  • Database applications.

    Other Services:

  • GPS Surveys;
  • Data Collection.